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"I have worked with many coaches in my roles as an executive, entrepreneur, and busy family man, and can say with complete confidence that Shaylene Cameron is the very best. I still don’t totally understand how she did it, but she got me to flow in under three months after being stuck for several years in most aspects of my life. Shaylene over-delivered in every way. I can’t wait to work with her again! "

Entrepreneur & Author

"Shaylene’s sessions and wisdom have helped me to gain instant clarity and alignment in my personal life and business. With her help, I was able to re-sign a previous client for a $3500.00 contract. Thank you Shaylene!!"

Joana Lopez
Relationship Coach

"I was the one stopping myself from my own growth"

"Before working with Shaylene I felt incapable and undeserving of making money. I was conflicted because I love what I do, work hard to make my business grow and clients happy, yet my income was the limiting factor. It was hindering my self worth and value as a businesswoman. 

While working with Shaylene, I receive clarity and peace of mind knowing I can make the money I want! I have a newfound direction in my business and have overcome my limiting beliefs, thoughts and decisions around money. Shay helped me realize that I was the one stopping myself from my own growth- I feel empowered and it feels great!"

"She role models what it means to be professional AND fun, and that in itself is powerful to receive. And, as a result I now have a new found sense of clarity. If you are looking for a warm, genuine, wise and intuitive coach then she is the one for you. Expect self-healing, self-realization, clarity and a new found sense of self. She has a sense of humor and a sage wisdom combination that makes her an ideal coach for your growth! "

Melyssa Moniz
Success Coach, Speaker & Author

"THE ideal coach to work with"

"My advice for those thinking of getting this coaching from Shaylene: Just do it! If you are looking to reach your next level in personal development, Shaylene's patience, wisdom and guidance makes every step so easy. Her amazing intuition and understanding of human nature makes her THE ideal coach to work with."

"I was stuck in a financial rut and not moving forward like I wanted to which was limiting me in every area of my life. While working with Shaylene, I received the exact steps to take me to that next level and I definitely feel much better about my financial situation now. I know that I am on the path to becoming even more financially abundant! Thank you so much for all your help with getting me "unstuck" I feel like I am actually on a path and not doing circles “thinking” I'm moving forward- It's easier to see it now.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Amy Kerr
Transformational Life Coach

"Shaylene is very honest and forthcoming with her mentoring. I found this so refreshing from the typical method of being told what someone thinks you want to hear or sugar coating things. I learnt what steps I needed to take to move forward with my goals... Working with Shaylene was one of the best choices I have ever made. She is a kind, caring, beautiful woman who really does want the best for her clients. "

Calgary, AB

"I've worked with Shaylene twice in the past and had success with her each time! I decided to work with her again to regain balance between my career and post-grad, as well as manage my overall stress levels. Shaylene helped me become a lot more productive, motivated and guided me to achieve a manageable balance between my career and studies. I feel refreshed and am so happy I worked with her again!"

Calgary, AB

"In the past, I found that I was growing apart from family and friends. I was also seriously lacking confidence, especially in social situations. This led me to avoid new and challenging activities. After working with Shaylene, I have closer relationships with friends, family and colleagues and a lot more confidence in social situations. Now, I’m easily able to move outside of my comfort zone and am more motivated and focused to try new activities in my life. I have a new sense of confidence and am looking forward to experiencing the next chapter of my life. Coaching with Shaylene has been amazing! Thank you!"

Calgary, AB

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