I teach entrepreneurs how to overcome their limiting beliefs & elevate their sales by creating + selling high ticket offers with compassion. The kick*ss business of your dreams is waiting around the corner for you w/ a bottle of champagne, an air horn & some sparklers. #itsyourturn

Want to learn how to sell without "selling"?

Download this Pressure Free Objection Script so you can learn 3 strategies to bypass the feeling of being "salesy" and confidently sell your services

"Shaylene’s sessions and wisdom have helped me to gain instant clarity and alignment in my personal life and business. With her help, I was able to re-sign a previous client for a $3500.00 contract" -Joana Lopez


"Since starting Shaylene's program, I have DOUBLED my sales! My close rate for my sales calls increased significantly (I had two months of closing 100% of my calls!) and even more importantly, I feel SO confident selling my program. Shaylene, I can't thank you enough for being the absolute BOMB!" - Kate Dramis

"From messaging to asking for the investment to handling objections (especially without projecting my own bias)- you swiftly navigated this all in under 30 minutes. You are incredible!!""

- Alison Marie

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Forget what you think you know about "selling" and step into my world of understanding human nature. Nobody wants to be sold anything and that's where everyone is getting it wrong.


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