Hey! I’m Shaylene.

I help service based entrepreneurs become confident in their businesses so they can create a positive impact and enroll more clients!

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve been at this entrepreneurship thing for a while. Now, you’re looking to streamline your enrollment conversations, end the stress of talking about money and commit to profiting in your business!

To get straight to the point, if you need to enroll more clients, I got your back.

Here’s a snippet of my story...

I drove over 1 million in sales, managed a team of 12 and taught everything from prospecting to client sales, acquisition and retention. At the top of my game, I quit. I wanted to help more people and do this coaching thing my way.

Thing is, this business thing is tough. I’ve been coaching close to 5 years and have failed 10x more than i’ve succeeded. There were times when I was frustrated, tired and full of doubt.

Then I realized that through all of the failure, I had to make it work.

Because if it didn’t work... everyone that I told that I was doing my own thing, who didn’t believe in me...

They would’ve been right.

The self doubt that kept me up countless nights, it was going to be right.

When I questioned “ can I do this anymore”.. my answer would have been “no” instead of “yes”

So when everyone is looking at your stuff, wondering if your little business is going to make it, you’ve gotta prove it to them that you ARE good enough.

That you CAN do it. That you can keep going. Together, we’re going to prove them wrong!

Here's the thing... most service-based entrepreneurs who’ve been at it for a while, still try to do 97 things at once.

You’re “busy” but still not getting meaningful results...your energy is spent wondering how you can get more clients and wondering what “it is” that you’re actually missing.

You’ve spent as much time being overwhelmed as you have scrolling through social media on a lazy saturday morning.

I know this because I was you.

Welcome to the Business & Success Coach who’s been in your shoes and knows how to switch gears to get meaningful work done and create a bigger impact!

I'm the Coach who..

  • Blends personal development with business strategies to help you become the next best version of yourself so you can help your clients do the same.

  • Isn’t okay with your business being “just okay”.. I”ll help you breakthrough the beliefs keeping you stuck making the same amount of money so you can get on the path to profit

  • Helps you become a wizard at enrollment conversations without feeling slimy about “selling” your programs/ services (because you put so much work into creating them and now you need people to invest!)

  •  Holds you accountable, gives your biz structure and closes the gap between thinking you “should” do something and actually doing it (as you read this I know there's something you should be doing but still aren't doing it... i see youuuu)

    Together, we’ll stop working on the things that don’t matter in your business and focus on getting you more clients!

If you’re someone who…

Knows you need a better way to get your service in the hands of more of your ideal clients without feeling anxious and stressed, I’m your girl.

Puts in 10+ hour days to stay on top of your work, but aren’t getting the results you want need to profit, I hear you.

Can see your business being a huge success but needs a Coach who KNOWS what it’s like to be in your shoes and help you grow, I’m your coach.

You KNOW that the that people you’ve worked with totally LOVE you! They know you’re great and what you do, and now you just need more of them!


"Before working with Shaylene I was feeling incapable of making money.While working with her, I received A new found direction in my business, overcame my limiting beliefs about money and broke free of my limiting thoughts, beliefs and decisions. It feels GREAT!"

Michelle Soares
Transformation Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

"I have worked with many coaches in my roles as an executive, entrepreneur, and busy family man, and can say with complete confidence that Shaylene Cameron is the very best. She got me to flow in under 3 months after being stuck for several years in most aspects of my life."

Entrepreneur & Author

I’m the Coach outfitted with…

1) A proven track record B2C sales

2) A mild chocolate addiction  

3) Ten varied coaching Certifications & Designations 

4) Successful strategies, structure and systems to overhaul your business

5) The magical ability to help you move beyond your comfort zone to get more work done with less overwhelm

However you landed on this page or wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, I'm excited to meet you!


"My advice for those thinking of getting this coaching from Shaylene: Just do it! If you are looking to reach your next level, Shaylene's patience, wisdom and guidance makes every step so easy. Her amazing intuition and understanding of human nature makes her THE ideal coach to work with."

Maria Espinosa
Sex & Relationship Coach

"Shaylene is very honest and forthcoming with her mentoring. I found this so refreshing from the typical method of sugar coating things. Shaylene was one of the best choices I have ever made. She is a kind, caring, beautiful woman who really does want the best for her clients."

Calgary, AB

               Here's the more official (third person) Bio

Shaylene Cameron, CEO and Founder at Shaylene Cameron Mentoring. After driving over 1 million in B2C sales, managing a team of 12, and teaching everything from prospecting to client sales, Shaylene quit at the top of her game. Now, she helps service-based entrepreneurs have a positive impact AND create more wealth in their businesses.

After her degree from OCAD University with a Major in Photography, her career took a 180 when she was recruited into the fitness industry. What planned to be a short-term, turned into a management position within 10 months. This great responsibility caused Shaylene to manage from a place of fear and insecurity. Until Shaylene became hyper-aware of how her own behaviour was affecting others.

Fast forward a few years, Shaylene used that awareness as the catalyst to redefine her coaching career. Since then, she has helped countless entrepreneurs get unstuck by cultivating a positive mindset coupled with proven business strategies to create more wealth and happiness in their business’.

In addition, Shaylene has 10 varied coaching certifications and designations. She is a Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Coach (MNLP), Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Live Events Trainer and Time Line Therapy Practitioner. While attending OCADU, she completed part of her Degree in Brisbane Australia at Griffith University, and interim studied Dutch Language at University of Toronto Continuing Studies.

And yes, she still knows there is so much more to learn!

"Shaylene’s sessions and wisdom have helped me to gain instant clarity and alignment in my personal life and business. With her help, I was able to re-sign a previous client for a $3500.00 contract. Thank you Shaylene!!"

Joana Lopez
Relationship Coach

"Shaylene's process is good at keeping her clients focused, especially during the normal course of business with its ups and downs. She guided me on how to improve both personally and corporately which was of HUGE value, both personally and by extension, for my entire team. I recommend Shaylene to anyone who wants to grow personally or the business they own or manage.""

Melanie Fry
Certified Life Coach

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