3 Ways You’re Wasting Time On Social Media

mindset Jan 11, 2018

It’s a real problem with Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs and I want to pull you out of the rabbit hole so you can regain focus in your business. 

 Here’s what I see:  

1) Scrolling through social media like our time on earth is renewable.

The scroll goes on for seconds, then minutes, and maybe (if you’re really committed) hours.

Picture after picture “Oh, that’s cool” …”

“WOW, I’d love to go on vacation here- where is this?”

Let me google that for a second….”

“Seriously? Nicaragua! That’s beautiful! Can I ride elephants there...?”

And into the Google hole, you go.

This is eating up your time and moving you in the opposite direction of your goals. If you're reading this, I know you want to help people, make an impact, and make money in your business.

The dark-google-abyss won't do this for you.  

2) Watching your “following” numbers go up and down.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Post. Refresh. Post...hm.

" Ugh.. I lost___( # of followers)"

If you were to calculate how much time you spend per day doing this, what would it amount to?

I betcha you're looking at more than 30 minutes.  

Instead, publish content that focuses on your brand, and helping others. The fact that you have at least one person interested in what you have to say means you're already doing it right.

See someone with a large following? It doesn't mean they're profiting from that following.

Quick story:  
In March 2017, I met a woman at a conference who had 6 million followers on Facebook.

 Inside my head, I thought "holy sh*t" she's making incredible money" I need to know what she's doing"  

Then shared that she was NOT making money from the 6 million people following her. Why? Because she didn’t know how to.

Lesson: Never judge a social media book by its cover.

3) Playing the comparison game.

Stuck with creating content in your business? You're likely spending time comparing yourself to others on social media.

DO research what your competitors are doing but time-block this activity. AVOID being aimless with your snooping.

Put that measuring stick away. Focus on yourself, your business, your brand and get it moving.
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I wanna meet you!

Your tough love Coach,
Shaylene xo


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