Nervous for your first Facebook Live?

coaching Feb 06, 2018

There was a time in my business when I went through “a phase” of hiding.

Have you ever experienced this?...

Working in solitary as a solo-preneur

Trying in vain to figure everything out by yourself

Letting self doubt creep into your work sessions as you jump from one task to another.

I was occupying my time with all of the wrong tasks to generate clients and lost focus on the big picture of how I was going to reach my goals. 

One of those things I was avoiding was doing Facebook Live...dearrrr lawrd the thought of it made me sweat.

Thing is, live video is what gets you FREE exposure, builds your brand and your business #winwin

Luckily, I put on my big girl pants and got over the fear to jump into going live 2-3x per week. 

Don't get me wrong,  I pacing around my office like an anxious cat for 7 minutes before hand:

“Can time speed up? I'm sweating. Does my hair look okay?"

“What will everyone think of me?"

" What if I sound like an idiot..."

Those first few seconds I was in my own head.

Video after video I became more comfortable.

Let my hair down (physically and metaphorically)

And after a month of consistent Lives, I clasped my hands together with gratitude.

It became easy.

So... what changed?

I broke through the discomfort and CONTINUED to go live despite my fear. More and more practice, over and over again.

Every Live, I got messages from people letting me know how much it helped them.

You can be impacting people the same way!

Here’s what you can do to move out of the nerves and get your business ROCKIN' with some Facebook Lives: 

Step 1) Join Real Business Real Talk Community

Step 2) Come and introduce yourself to the crew (be sure to read the group guidlines before say hey!- we're a no-promo group unless prompted)

Step 3) Schedule 1x per week to go live on your Fan Page/ Group and share some juicy content with your followers

Step 4) After 4 weeks, bump it up to going Live 2x week

Advanced Tip:
If you run Facebook ads and know how to create a Custom Audience, create an audience for each of your Live videos. Be sure to set up the audience as people who have viewed 25% of your video or higher- these are the people who are hanging onto every word you say!

See you in The Real Business Real Talk Community!


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