ATTENTION: You don't have to take your sales calls if you don't want to. You can STOP taking sales calls yourself and START booking calls for your (soon-to-be) salesperson - so you can focus on increasing your impact & bank. (even if you don’t have a full call calendar, yet!)

The Roadmap To Hiring A Salesperson™ 

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And yes, you can delegate your sales calls sooner than you think #dreamy.


"She can get results..."

"Shaylene's got the ability to cut through the traditional sales process in a way that comes through way more authentic, more of a human conversation, which is what is more effective. We see it in the number and the results, she can get results.

She’s one of the most incredible people I’ve ever worked with, do not hesitate to work with her.

⭐ Stephanie Joanne, 7-Figure Online Business Coach

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"Her ability to help you make sales conversations not just profitable but also comfortable and easy is mind-blowing. If you're ready to discover what it takes to actually convert clients in sales conversations (with ease) then you seriously need to work with her. She is the real deal."

⭐ Colin Boyd, Professional Speaker & 7-Figure Course Creator

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"Shaylene gave me the confidence to hire a new salesperson, onboard them and start working on their set up right away.

It’s taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

She’s amazing, I would highly highly recommend her."

⭐ Jessica Walman, Leading Digital Marketing Strategist & Facebook Ad Expert