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Hey! I’m Shaylene.
Mindset Magician & Sales Guru to passionate, Service-Based Entrepreneurs. 

I help Coaches develop the mindset & habits necessary to launch their first live event. Share your story, speak from stage and sell your services without feelin’ salesy.

After driving over 1 Million in sales, I kicked my corporate role to the curb & dove head first into entrepreneurship #byefelicia 

I landed flat on my face. Ouch.


I was a creative with a BFA who learned to be great at sales, not a business coach with the mindset to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Being an Entrepreneur was more than a job title, it was a psychology shift. 

Selling was the furthest thing from my mind (I was worried about coming across as pushy after corporate) and all I wanted to do was coach and help ppl live their best life & business.

I’d sweat just thinking about asking for money and made 100 excuses as to why my business would peak then plummet. 

I convinced myself that my positive juju, meditation and vision board would attract the money to me (don't judge) but I was waaaaay wrong. 

Truthfully, I became great at lying to myself and believing it because I was scared to put myself out there.

4 months without income sure makes a girl gain macro perspective on what is non-negotiable in your business *ahem money*

"Before working with Shaylene I was feeling incapable of making money.While working with her, I received A new found direction in my business, overcame my limiting beliefs about money and broke free of my limiting thoughts, beliefs and decisions. It feels GREAT!"

Michelle Soares
Transformation Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

"I have worked with many coaches in my roles as an executive, entrepreneur, and busy family man, and can say with complete confidence that Shaylene Cameron is the very best. She got me to flow in under 3 months after being stuck for several years in most aspects of my life."

Entrepreneur & Author


From struggle to focus; I was determined to make this business gig work. I dove into the books to become a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner  & Master Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (MNLP & MCHt for non-fancy)

I became obsessed about how the Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo’s & Oprah’s of the world elevated their businesses and their minds to become the 1%. 

" How can I serve at the same level?" 

 Scrutinizing my own patterns of success, I spotted a trend... the trend? I was THE person stopping myself from growing and having clients invest with me. My limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck in quicksand - I was great at being “busy” (without being productive) to cover up my lack of success. 

I thought sales were all about "selling" services and less about helping the person in front of you. 

Everything shifted when I realized my inner game was impacting my outer game. This took me from a dry spell with no income for 4 months to generating my first 18K month!

When I put my clients best interest first and put in the hard work, the feeling of being pushy or salesy went out the window.

Since then, I’ve shared this system with countless clients who have got incredible results too - some DOUBLING their sales in 60 days with monthly closing rates of 100%!

Book a Breakthrough Session with Shaylene

Hang with me long enough and you'll...
Harness Authentic Selling so you can’t wait for your next sales conversation

Pay extra for guac (you get a guac, and you get a guac...)

Be 100% ready to receive more money for your services

 Play a bigger game because small games are boring

Develop the mindset of a CEO and walk your booty to the bank more often

 Travel to Aruba on a Wednesday because you feel like it & #margaritas

"My advice for those thinking of getting this coaching from Shaylene: Just do it! If you are looking to reach your next level, Shaylene's patience, wisdom and guidance makes every step so easy. Her amazing intuition and understanding of human nature makes her THE ideal coach to work with."

Maria Espinosa
Sex & Relationship Coach

"Shaylene is very honest and forthcoming with her mentoring. I found this so refreshing from the typical method of sugar coating things. Shaylene was one of the best choices I have ever made. She is a kind, caring, beautiful woman who really does want the best for her clients."

Calgary, AB

   Shaylene Cameron, Founder of Real Business Real Talk Community and Shaylene Cameron Mentoring. After driving over 1 million in B2C sales, managing a team of 12, and teaching everything from prospecting to client sales, Shaylene quit at the top of her game. Now, she helps Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs have a positive impact AND create more wealth in their businesses.

After her degree from OCAD University with a Major in Photography, her career took a 180 when she was recruited into the fitness industry. What was planned to be a short-term situation, turned into a management position within 10 months. This great responsibility caused Shaylene to manage her team from a place of fear and insecurity until Shaylene became hyper-aware of how her own behaviour was affecting others.

Fast forward a few years, Shaylene used that awareness as the catalyst to redefine her coaching career. Since then, she has helped countless entrepreneurs get unstuck by cultivating a positive mindset coupled with proven business strategies to create more wealth and happiness in their business’.

In addition, Shaylene has 10 varied coaching certifications and designations. She is a Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Coach (MNLP), Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Live Events Trainer and Time Line Therapy Practitioner. While attending OCADU, she completed part of her Degree in Brisbane Australia at Griffith University, and interim studied Dutch Language at University of Toronto Continuing Studies.

"Shaylene’s sessions and wisdom have helped me to gain instant clarity and alignment in my personal life and business. With her help, I was able to re-sign a previous client for a $3500.00 contract. Thank you Shaylene!!"

Joana Lopez
Relationship Coach

"Shaylene's process is good at keeping her clients focused, especially during the normal course of business with its ups and downs. She guided me on how to improve both personally and corporately which was of HUGE value, both personally and by extension, for my entire team. I recommend Shaylene to anyone who wants to grow personally or the business they own or manage.""

Melanie Fry
Certified Life Coach

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